Happy Code Club gives out 50 Technology Summer Camp Scholarships

By F. E. Alvarenga
on Aug 15, 2018


I am pleased to say that this year we gave 50 Scholarships to low income families so their kids could attend our Kids all Technology Journey Summer Camp at Happy Code Club. 

Scholarships were sponsored entirely by Happy Code Club funds earned from our After-School Programs. We received no matching grants or any help from the outside! 

IMG_4248We are proud of this accomplishment and we believe that similar endeavors can be successful if community and private citizens work together in unison to provide opportunities in Computer Science Education for our children.  At Happy Code Club our mission is to provide Computer Science Educational opportunities for kids of any background, especially from underserved communities. 


Next year our goal is to make our camp even bigger! This year we hosted 118 registrants. If you would like to help us help more kids please click below and make a donation to our scholarship fund.

Scholarship Fund 

Have a great rest of your summer! :)


Topics: Learn to Code, Families

Author: F. E. Alvarenga

Fernando is passionate about Scratch programing. He’s been working in the IT sector and Technology Innovation for over 20 years. Over his tenure he has been a business owner working as an IT consultant for local companies like G.E., Purdue Pharmaceuticals, SAC Capital and others. He is a graduate of Sacred Heart University with Business Certificates from the Executive Business School at Tuck University and Programming Certificates from Harvey Mudd College. He works hard to make the experience great for kids and parents alike. In his spare time, he likes to Run, Rock Climb, Bike, and Raise Free Range Chickens in his North Stamford Home.
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