Happy Scratch Coding Tips - A Free Video Series for Scratchers

By Deniz Ozkaynak
on Apr 11, 2018


Our Scratch Guru Erickson has created a new video series to teach people awesome tips and neat things to do in Scratch! You can watch and learn, or better yet try out the code in Scratch alongside the video!

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In each installment of Scratch Coding Tips, expect to learn about something new and exciting that can be done with Scratch! The topics for our initial series videos are:

  • Trailing fade effects
  • Hitboxes
  • Simultaneous clones
  • Continuous pen lines


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Author: Deniz Ozkaynak

Deniz just loves working with kids and found his passion of working in a classroom environment while he was a T.A. at Northeastern University. Since joining HappyCode in September 2016 initially as a Curriculum Developer/Instructor, he has since shown great initiative and leadership, becoming Co-Director of HappyCode in June 2017. Deniz is a 2015 graduate of Northeastern with a B.S. in Computer Science & Game Design. In addition to Co-Directing and teaching at HCC, he is currently an independent game developer and was formerly a software engineer at Lockheed Martin ASC.