Student of the Month (May & June)

By Deniz Ozkaynak
on Jun 28, 2018

Our Student of the Month is Quinn! Quinn is a bit of a Happy Code veteran, he most recently did the Java Programming with Minecraft class this past Spring! Checkout these screenshots of his code and mod in-game:


Quinn's Mom had this to say:

Quinn just finished 7th grade at Middlesex Middle School.  He loves coding!!! Quinn also enjoys playing soccer.  He has a dog named Abbey and he loves her a lot too.  This year he tried a wheel throwing pottery class and had a great time with it.  He also built a vegetable garden with his Dad and planted lots of plants this spring. Quinn can see that coding is the way of the future and hopes that he can someday make a difference in the world using his knowledge of code. 

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Author: Deniz Ozkaynak

Deniz just loves working with kids and found his passion of working in a classroom environment while he was a T.A. at Northeastern University. Since joining HappyCode in September 2016 initially as a Curriculum Developer/Instructor, he has since shown great initiative and leadership, becoming Co-Director of HappyCode in June 2017. Deniz is a 2015 graduate of Northeastern with a B.S. in Computer Science & Game Design. In addition to Co-Directing and teaching at HCC, he is currently an independent game developer and was formerly a software engineer at Lockheed Martin ASC.