3D Printing with the Mod-t (Part 3)

on Dec 31, 2017

Note: This is one part of a multi-blog series, read the previous one here.

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3D Printing with the Mod-t (Part 2)

on Dec 14, 2017

Note: This is an update blog post, read the first one here.

Day 30 - Overcoming Misprints

In the first month I experienced a number of issues with the Mod-t, but with some determination, patience, and New Matter's excellent customer support I was able to overcome each and every one!

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3D Printing with the Mod-t (Part 1)

on Nov 15, 2017

Introduction - My Experience

Here at HappyCode we've had a Mod-t 3D printer by New Matter since Sept 2017. Recently I was poking around the internet on Google looking for a replacement hot end (turns out you just drop New Matter support an email). I stumbled across this 2015 article lambasting the Mod-t; despite the series of issues and misprints I've had to overcome I was shocked at how many issues the author had.

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Weekly Theme Nights

on Aug 29, 2017

What are Theme Nights?

Theme Nights are designed to let parents take the night off! Have your students join us after class or drop-in to wind down the evening with fun and games!

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