YMCA "Healthy Kids Day" Event

on May 5, 2018

This past weekend on Saturday the 21st of April, Happy Code Club attended the Stamford YMCA Healthy Kids event. Lots of fun was had by all! Kids were able to try out our new Ozobot Robots by drawing their own code maps with specific coding instructions the robot would follow. This was a big hit for both parents and children. At another table children were able to see the amazing moves of an EV3 robot in action, and play games with


 the EV3 Robot. Scratch JR was set up on Ipads for the K-1 crowd to try their hands at coding animations.
The Healthy Kids event was a great way to get out and meet more of our Stamford community and share our coding passion!

The next time you see us will be at STEMFEST on May 19th. Feel free to stop by our table and you will be able to try out some of these fun  coding activities. Check out our pictures from this event!

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