New Location [Update]

on Jun 28, 2018

Over the month of June we have setup so much and made tons of improvements to our space. Below is just a fraction of this work, come by our Open Houses to see it all!

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Our New Clubhouse Location

on May 27, 2018

Those of you close to us may know that we've been searching for a new location since December 2017 - we outgrew our current office long ago and have finally found a place that can meet the needs of our students, parents, and staff. Much like a hermit crab, our new Clubhouse will allow Happy Code to grow and thrive.

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Student of the Month (April)

on May 5, 2018

As an avid Scratcher, Brenden has taken his projects to the next level, like his Fish Chomping game, mind-reading search engine, and more! In addition to Intermediate Programming in Scratch, he's also joined the Java Programming with Minecraft class for the Spring session! Currently he's one of two students enrolled in multiple classes on the same day!!

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3D Printing with the Mod-t (Part 2)

on Dec 14, 2017

Note: This is an update blog post, read the first one here.

Day 30 - Overcoming Misprints

In the first month I experienced a number of issues with the Mod-t, but with some determination, patience, and New Matter's excellent customer support I was able to overcome each and every one!

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Building your own Amazing Gaming Machine

on Nov 20, 2017

Sometimes, computers can seem like magical machines that can do almost anything! They work tirelessly to run all your software and games, store everything from family photos to English essays, and can survive some of the worst viruses or drops imaginable.

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3D Printing with the Mod-t (Part 1)

on Nov 15, 2017

Introduction - My Experience

Here at HappyCode we've had a Mod-t 3D printer by New Matter since Sept 2017. Recently I was poking around the internet on Google looking for a replacement hot end (turns out you just drop New Matter support an email). I stumbled across this 2015 article lambasting the Mod-t; despite the series of issues and misprints I've had to overcome I was shocked at how many issues the author had.

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Our HappyCode Halloween Hoorah 🎃

on Nov 14, 2017

We were blown away by how many enthusiastic coders we had during our HappyCode Halloween celebration on Saturday, Oct 28th! With so many amazing costumes from Witches to Angels to Spiderman too! Complimented by our own HappyCode-o-lantern 🎃 and plenty of treats, the day was a blast!👻

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Newsletter - August 2017

on Aug 3, 2017

For those that didn't get the newsletter via our mailing list, below is a PDF re-upload.

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Kids Coding at Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester

on Aug 1, 2017


Yesterday, as we wrapped up our summer program at the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester, our students received a certificate of completion for the great job they did listening, learning, and having fun! As each group of campers left, we received a chorus of thank-you's and smiles! We'd be missed for the small remainder of their summer before schools start in September.

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Five coding languages we use at Kids after-school Coding Classes

on Dec 29, 2016

Here we describe the 5 Programming Languages we use at Kids After-School Coding Classes. At Happy Code Club we teach coding using real world computer languages as well as tools that kids can easily familiarize themselves with to help with their projects. We also use Game Making Applications and Engines that help create and publish the Games and Apps kids create.

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